Press release

President Michel Expresses Solidarity Following Terrorist Attack

August 20, 2011

President James Michel has sent a condolence message to both the British and Afghan Government, on behalf of the people and Government of Seychelles, following yesterday’s suicide attack on the British Council in the Afghan capital of Kabul which resulted in the killing and injury of several people.

In the message sent to the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and  to Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan, the President expressed the deepest sympathies of the Seychellois people to the families and friends of all those who had lost their lives or were injured in this “atrocious attack”.

The President also added his voice to all “those who rightfully and vociferously condemn these repeated acts of terrorism”.  He added that such events only reinforce the belief of the Seychellois people of the need ‘to continue fighting against intolerance and all forms of aggression which put in peril peace, stability and progress in the world’.

The President emphasized that the British efforts in the fight against terrorism is a beacon of hope for all nations. President Michel also expressed his gratitude to the British Government for the support given in the fight against piracy in the Indian Ocean and renewed the support of Seychelles for the continued efforts deployed by the British Government to ensure that peace and security are maintained in the region and beyond.