Press release

President Michel sends condolence messages to Pakistan and Afghanistan following devastating earthquake

October 28, 2015

President James Michel has expressed his profound sadness on behalf of the Government and people of Seychelles following the devastating earthquake which has claimed over 200 lives in Pakistan. In a message to the President  of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Manmoon Hussain, President Michel noted “this natural disaster will not break the spirit of your people, they will find the strength to rebuild their lives. Rest assured that the people of Seychelles stand with you in these trying times.”

In separate message of condolence to Mr Ashraf Ghani,President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, President Michel also expressed profound grief to the people of Afghanistan who were also affected by the earthquake earlier this week. He remarked that the people of Seychelles join him in mourning those that perished and hoped that the survivors made a speedy recovery.