Press release


January 30, 2013

President Michel has expressed satisfaction with the disaster relief and clean-up efforts following a visit to the districts of Au cap, Anse Aux Pins and Pointe Larue today.

The President said that the damage caused by the flooding disaster is estimated at a preliminary assessment  by technicians on the ground, to be worth 106 million Seychelles Ruppees (8 million USD). He called on the Seychellois people as well as international partners to donate generously to the National Disaster Relief Fund in order to allow for the fast recovery of the disaster-stricken areas.

“The sense of solidarity, volunteer and Community supports has helped relieved a lot of pressures in all three districts based on good coordination. I congratulate and thank all those involved in one way or another in coordinating the different services required,” said President Michel.

The President said the situation on the ground has improved substantially.

“Compared to the terrible situation on Sunday when I visited the three districts, today I can see that families are slowly repairing and rehabilitating their homes. This visit has enabled me to meet with the families affected, and gauge the assistance required, and to establish and assess damages in order to see how to re-establish infrastructure and put into place  necessary measures,” said President Michel.

Mr. Michel pointed out that climate change, which he has spoken about often, is really starting to affect the Seychelles. He also called upon the Planning Authority to rigourous in the guidelines for building developments, in order to take possibility of flooding into account.

At the Pointe Larue district, the President was briefed on the cases of houses being flooded as well as the ones which were completely damaged. The homes at Pointe Larue had also been affected falling of big rocks, landslides and the collapse of walls. The district’s authorities are continuing to assess and evaluate the condition of the damage, as well as the assistance being given at the district’s level. There are also efforts being undertaken to cut down trees that are considered a danger to other houses.  The Presidential delegation visited the Pointe Larue Secondary School to view the extensive clean-up efforts as well as the areas which need renovation.

President Michel also visited Anse Aux Pins district, where he met with families at the Ex-Onezime Estate, again badly affected by heavy flooding. As he toured the Rameau Estate and the Bodamier Estate, to see the houses that were badly damaged. 

At Au Cap, the delegation visited the St. Joseph Estate, which was affected by a major landslide, which is also threatening five other houses. President Michel also came to see a farm owned by Mr. Ralph Hoareau and Mr. David Marie. Their farm has been completely flooded and its crops destroyed. The assessment of the farms are underway, in order to provide assistance to the farmers. The President ended his visit at the Au Cap Home of the Elderly, where he was reassured by its residents that the situation was back to normal.

Editor’s Note

  • The President was accompanied on his visits by Minister for Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports, Mr. Vincent Meriton, Minister for Environment and Energy as well the Coordinator of the National Command Centre, Professor Rolph Payet, the Principal Secretary for Community Development and Sports, Mr. Denis Rose and Director General for Presidential Affairs, Mrs. Doreen Arnephy.
  • At Pointe Larue School the President was met by the Minister for Education, Mrs. Macsuzy Mondon, Minister for Land Use and Housing, Christian Lionnet,the Principal Secretary for Education, Mrs. Merida Delcy, the Principal Secretary for Land Use and Housing Yves Choppy, the Principal Secretary for Environment and Energy Wills Agricole, and the Headteacher of the Pointe Larue Secondary School, Mrs. Jina Labiche. Members of the Task force were also present to discuss the work needed to ensure that students can return to a safe and clean school in the near future.
  • At Anse aux Pins District, the President was met by Member of the National Assembly for Anse Aux Pins, Honourable Meggy Marie and the District Administrator, Ms. Sylvia Stravens.
  • President Michel was met at Au Cap district by the Minister for Natural Resources and Industry, Mr. Peter Sinon, Member of the National Assembly for Au Cap, Honourable Murielle Marie, Chief Executive Officer of the Seychelles Agricultural Agency, Mr. Marc Naiken, Special Advisor in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Industry, Mr. Antoine Marie Moustache and the District Administrator, Mr. Neville Sinon.