Press release


October 16, 2009

On the final day of his visit to the Republic of Korea, President Michel visited the city of Daejeon, which is known as Korea’s city of science and technology.

The visit to Daejeon has been characterized by the President as an example of “People to People diplomacy”.

“Our exchanges in Daejon have shown very clearly that Korea can be the bridge for the Seychellois people into Asia, and that Seychelles can be a bridge for the Korean people into Africa” the President remarked.

After witnessing the signing of an MoU between Daejeon City and Victoria, the President was invited as a key note speaker at the International Astronautical Congress being held in Daejeon International Convention centre.  The President was invited by the Chairman of the Congress, who is also the President of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI), Dr. Joo-Jin Lee.  The President’s speech was another occasion where he highlighted the need for urgent action on the subject of climate change.  The President also highlighted the role that Korea can play in assisting technology transfer to developing nations.

“The sharing of technology will allow a maximum number of countries to also commit to targets that are sustainable.  It is through technology partnerships that we can best tackle climate change.  Innovation is one of our strongest weapons” the President stated.

President Michel and his delegation also visited KARI and viewed the satellite technology and aerospace navigation planning being implemented by the Korean government.

President Michel then witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation in the field of information technology between the Seychelles’ Ministry of National Development and the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, aimed at maximizing the utilization of Seychelles’ satellite slots. The MOU was signed by Ambassador to Korea, Mr. Philippe Le Gall on behalf of the Ministry of National Development.

The President also met with the Mayor of Daejeon Mr Park Seong-hyo and witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding for a twinning programme between the city of Victoria and the city of Daejeon. The MOU was signed by Ambassador Le Gall, on behalf of the Mayor of Victoria and makes provision for sharing of expertise and training.

The final leg of the visit to Daejeon led the Seychelles delegation to the offices of the Korean Broadcasting Systems, where the Managing Director of the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation, Mr. Antoine Onezime signed a Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation between the SBC and KBS in the exchange of programmes and training.