Press release

President receives report from Judge Reilly

November 2, 2007

The report from the independent inquiry into the events of 03rd October 2006 was
delivered to President James Michel this morning at State House by Judge Michael

The President welcomed the report and said that he would publish it in its entirety as promised to the people of Seychelles at the time of the launching of the inquiry in January this year.

“In the spirit of our democracy, transparency and good governance, I will have the report published after reading it,” the President said.

President Michel echoed the sentiment of Judge Reilly that the report is not used for any political purposes but rather as a tool for the strengthening of our institutions and consequently our unity as a nation.

He has thanked Judge Reilly and his team for their diligence in the work undertaken and has also thanked all the persons who assisted and cooperated with the inquiry throughout its duration.

The President stated that he was pleased that the inquiry had undertaken its work in a transparent and efficient manner.

“The culmination of the inquiry’s work is testimony to the standards of transparency and good governance being cultivated in our country which further strengthen our democracy,” the President added.

It Was the wish of the President & appoint a person of the highest integrity and impartiality so that the inquiry could be as successful and credible as possible.