Press release

Press Conference on the 1st Steering Committee meeting of the 11th EDF for the iEPA

March 6, 2020

On Thursday 5th March 2020, Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs and the Blue Economy, Ambassador Barry Faure and the European Union Ambassador, Mr. Vincent Degert, led a press conference for the First Steering Committee meeting of the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) programme for the interim Economic Partnership Agreement (iEPA), at the Department of Foreign Affairs.

In his address, Ambassador Faure stated that “the aim of the programme is to enhance the capacity of the public and private sectors to reap the full potential of the current iEPA, thus increasing Seychelles’ competitive integration into the regional and international trading system. Another important component of the iEPA support programme concerns the development of the productive sector, meaning small and medium enterprises (SMEs). These SMEs are expected to generate employment and economic empowerment. The programme will also ensure that priority is given to women-led enterprises”.

On his part, Ambassador Degert stated that “The Economic Partnership Agreement is an important project both for Seychelles and for the European Union, because it is a true partnership between two like-minded partners. Two partners who have been in a 40 years relationship based on continuous, frank and constructive dialogue, who understand the importance of trade as a vehicle for growth, prosperity and social inclusiveness and who are willing to see the life of their respective peoples improve via more exchanges based on a system of reciprocity”.