Press release

Prison Services Hosts French Ambassador and President of the Regional Council of Reunion to Coetivy Island

August 16, 2013

Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport

The Seychelles Prison Services was pleased to host a delegation from the Reunion Island, headed by Mr. Didier Robert, the President of the Regional Council of Reunion, on a visit to its prison facility located on Coetivy Island.  Accompanying Mr. Robert on the visit was Madame Genevieve IANCU, the French Ambassador to the Seychelles.  The half day visit was conducted on Tuesday 13th August 2013.

The visit, organized by the Superintendent of Montagne Posée Prison, Mr. Maxime Tirant, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, provided an opportunity for both the French Ambassador and the President of the Regional Council of Reunion, to view for themselves the activities of the prisoners, who have volunteered to be part of the rehabilitation process on the island and undertaking various skill sets, so as to improve their possibilities of re-integrating  into society, after successfully completing their sentences.

The rehabilitation programme, which at this time covers fisheries and agricultural activities, is expected to grow and develop further to include other identified skills, as per the Prison Services 5 year strategic plan, which was launched in August 2012.

“The visit this day provides us an opportunity to show to our friends from Reunion what we have been able to accomplish in a relatively short period of time,” said Superintendent Tirant, “and as well to discuss with them our goals and objectives for the programme, with the possibility of interacting with identified technicians from Reunion to assist us in further developing the programme.”

Aside from a brief tour of the facilities on the island, the Ambassador IANCU and Mr. Robert viewed a presentation delivered by Mr. Antoine Moustache, on the programme itself, its effects and other positive developments encountered to date, as well as the future plans for enhancing the programme further. The delegation was free to mingle and talk with the prisoners who were happy to showcase what they have been able to develop to date, while on Coetivy.

The Minister responsible for prisons, Mr. Joël Morgan, has welcomed both the visit of Mr. Didier Robert  and his delegation to Seychelles and in particular Coetivy, so that they can see for themselves the progress being made in prison management and reforms currently underway. The Minister said, “It has always been Government’s objective for our prisons to become stellar institutions of rehabilitation, where men and women, who after serving their sentences, become productive members of society. This is happening today as we continually adopt internationally recognized standards and best practices in order to reach our declared objectives.”

The Minister, on behalf of the prison services and of his ministry, took the time to thank the Island Development Company, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for their assistance and efforts in making the visit of Mr. Didier Robert and his delegation, and that of Madame IANCU, a success.