Press release

Rear Admirals from the Chinese Floating Naval Hospital ‘Ark of Peace’ call on the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism

July 9, 2024

Following the arrival of the Chinese Navy Hospital Ship, Ark Peace, in Port Victoria on Friday 5th July 2024, the Commanders of the ship, Rear Admiral Ying Hongbo and Rear Admiral He Yongming called on the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism, Mr Sylvestre Radegonde at Maison Queau de Quinssy on Monday 08th July 2024. They were accompanied by Ambassador of China to the Republic of Seychelles, H.E Mrs Lin Nan.

During the meeting, Rear Admiral Ying gave Minister Radegonde an update on the medical procedures carried out on patients.

Rear Admiral Ying also expressed his gratitude for the warm and friendly welcome and the support they have received from the Government and people of Seychelles since their arrival. He noted that this visit has broadened the field of exchanges between the two countries.

On his side, Minister Sylvestre Radegonde thanked the Chinese Government for their generosity and friendship towards the people of Seychelles. Also highlighting the importance of building on the existing people- to- people relations between the two countries, he expressed his hope for further cooperation between Seychelles and China in the health sector which would strengthen the bonds between the two countries.