Press release

Regional meeting of Seychelles Consuls hosted in London

February 14, 2014

The Seychelles High Commission in London organised a first meeting with Seychelles Consuls falling under its jurisdiction.  The aim of the meeting was to collaborate in order to help Seychelles achieve its targets and vision as a Nation.  It also provided an opportunity for the Consuls to share experiences and and add constructive input for the bi-annual consuls’ conferences.

Opening the meeting, Seychelles’ High Commissioner in London, Mrs Marie Pierre Lloyd, thanked the consuls on behalf of President James Michel and Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr Jean Paul Adam for coming to London for this first meeting. “This, she said, is testimony of your commitment and love for Seychelles.”

She urged the consuls to continue putting to maximum use their expertise, resources, skills and network of contacts at the service of Seychelles, especially now that the country has taken bold initiatives to address national and global development challenges and external crises such as piracy, climate change and is providing leadership in the development of the Blue Economy concept.

High Commissioner Lloyd concluded “We have a bright and prosperous future ahead and with hard work and resilience we can do great things together. We can win for Seychelles, of this I am convinced.”

The recommendations and conclusions derived from discussions will be shared at the Consuls meeting to be held in Seychelles in April this year.