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Report on media in Seychelles highlights progress and challenges

March 28, 2014

An independent Seychellois media consultant, Ms Pauline Ferrari, has submitted a report on the ‘State of Media and Communication in Seychelles,” to Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The report is a follow-up  of her earlier publication of 2009, entitled ‘Too many strings to the Bow.’ The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published the report on its website, and printed copies will be available at the National Library as of Monday 31st March.

The report principally deals with the media landscape in Seychelles. It documents the changes between 2009 and 2014 that have occurred in the country in terms of the liberalisation of the media, freedom of access to information, and the strides made to ensure a free press that abides by international norms.

The independent report, ‘State of the Media and Communication in Seychelles’ highlights the implementation of the recommendations made by the 2009 report; namely the establishment of a media commission to arbitrate and preserve media freedoms and the reduction in fees for television and radio licences. As a result, a private radio station- ‘Pure FM’ was launched. The report postulates that Seychelles has all the elements of a society that promotes media pluralism and encourages discourse.

The report also notes additional print publications which have been established since the last report.

Ms Ferrari maintains that many challenges remain most notably those pertaining to human resources. The report indicates that over seventy per cent of media journalists are not trained in the field. As such, the report underlines  the need to invest in human resources and capacity building to strengthen the professionalism of media workers.

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