Press release

Residents of Bel Air to benefit from the Adopt A District Programme

March 28, 2024

Bel Air has recently become a beneficiary of the “Adopt a District” Programme, which was officially launched in October 2022 during the Honorary Consuls Conference. The main objective of this initiative is to promote unity, compassion, and partnership, fostering closer ties between Seychelles Honorary Consuls and the local community at the district level.

During a Handing Over Ceremony on Thursday, 28th March 2024, at Maison Quéau de Quinssy, Mr. Shane Hensinger, the Seychelles Honorary Consul in San Francisco, donated laptops, board games, musical equipment, and a sewing machine for the district’s Educational and Entertainment Centre. Additionally, Mrs. Elizabeth Willis, the Honorary Consul for Seychelles in Texas, contributed board games and puzzles for the same district.

In his remarks, Mr. Sylvestre Radegonde, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism expressed that he was “pleased with the commitments made thus far towards this initiative” and he commended the two Honorary Consuls for “their kind gestures and ongoing support of the ‘Adopt a District’ Programme.”

Mrs. Rosemary Hoareau, the Minister for Local Government and Community Affairs, who was also present, emphasized that the generous contributions made will undoubtedly cultivate innovation, learning, and recreational opportunities for the residents of Bel Air, thereby enriching their overall well-being.

Among the guests present at the ceremony was the Honourable Mr. Norbert Loizeau, Member of the National Assembly for Bel Air.