Press release

Russian Ambassador holds reception on the occasion of the appointment of new Seychelles Honorary Consul in Russia

September 4, 2020

On Wednesday, 2 September 2020, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Seychelles, H.E Mr. Artyom Kozhin, held a reception at the Hilton Labriz Gastrolounge, Belombre, on the occasion of the appointment of Seychelles Honorary Consul in Moscow, Mr. Dmitry Sergeevich Kislov.

In his welcoming address to all dignitaries present, which included the Principal Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Marina Confait and members of the Diplomatic and Consular Corps, Ambassador Kozhin highlighted that the appointment of Mr. Kislov as the new Honorary Consul is an important step in the bilateral ties of the two countries. He further noted that “Mr. Kislov’s appointment will surely strengthen the bridges of friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation between our Nations.”

As guest of honour at the reception, the Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs and the Blue Economy, Ambassador Barry Faure, delivered a toast in expressing “the appreciation of the Seychelles government and the Department of Foreign Affairs to the Russian government for accrediting Mr. Kislov as our Honorary Consul to the Russian Federation with jurisdiction over the city of Moscow, as well as Rostov and Moscow regions.”

“You are officially part of the Seychelles government’s family. We are confident that you will be instrumental in the uplift and safeguard of Seychelles’ interests through the discharge of your mandate”, added Ambassador Faure.

Mr. Kislov thanked Ambassador Faure and expressed his appreciation to join the multinational consular community and to become a member of the Seychelles Consular service. “I am grateful to the Government of Seychelles for entrusting me with this important mission and I can assure everyone that within my consular mandate, I will make every effort to promote the friendly relations that happily exist between our two countries” reiterated Mr. Kislov in his concluding remarks.

Image from left to right: Dean of the Diplomatic Corp, Cuban Ambassador H.E. Mr. Juan Humberto Macias Pino, Honorary Consul in Russia, Mr. Kislov, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Blue Economy, Ambassador Barry Faure and Russian Ambassador, H.E Mr. Artyom Alexandrovich Kozhin