Press release

SADC Summit salutes progress made by the region on social, economic, peace and security fronts

August 19, 2015

Vice President Danny Faure represented President James Michel, at the 35th annual SADC Summit being held in Botswana, Gaborone from the 17th to 18th of August 2015.

The 35th SADC Summit, which regroups Heads of States and Governments from the region’s 15 member countries, was held under the theme “Accelerating industrialization of SADC economies through transformation of natural endowment and improved human capital”. The theme highlighted the strong importance that the respective leaders are continuously placing on the development of the socio-economic landscape of the region as a whole. The new theme aims to galvanize the industrial development process, leading the higher industrial output from the region, employment creation, and ultimately a general improvement in the quality of life for SADC citizens.

In his opening remarks, President Khama of the Republic of Botswana, who is also the incoming Chair of SADC, highlighted the important contribution that SADC  continues to play in shaping the region in terms of economic development and the safeguard of peace and security. The incoming Chair emphasized the fact that countries cannot aim to achieve full development in isolation, but should rather act as a group, consolidating their collective aspirations and drawing from each other’s comparative advantages.

Delegations at the Summit labeled SADC as a beacon of hope, laying the foundation for peace and security and socio – economic development of the region, a foundation instilled by the values of the founding fathers of the Community in their quest for independence. In his remarks, President Mugabe of the Republic of Zimbabwe, the outgoing Chair, reminded the summit of those values and called upon members of the region to continue working in unity to ensure progress and advancement of the region.

The Summit expressed its strong commitment in tackling poverty by building a strong and prosperous region were no citizen is left out. The speakers also spoke of the increasing The Summit also addressed the involvement of women in decision making positions, which demonstrated the will of all members of SADC in ensuring gender balanced development. 

The Summit also heard maiden speeches made by newly elected leaders of the Kingdom of Lesotho, Republic of Zambia, Republic of Mozambique and Republic of Namibia.  The speakers paid tribute to SADC for its role played in promoting free and fair elections in these countries and the continued application of democratic principles and the rule of law.