Press release


November 23, 2011






The Minister for Investment, Natural Resources and Industry Mr. Peter Sinon attended a half-day workshop today at the International Conference Center to discuss the SADC Protocol on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI). The workshop was directed by the Principal Secretary for Industry Ms. Lucy Athanasius.



Key stakeholders in attendance at the workshop included representatives from The Seychelles Chambers of Commerce and Industry, LUNGOS, UniSEy and the STI Council, the Attorney General’s Office, Ministry of Education, Department of Culture, Department of Natural Resources, Seychelles Agricultural Agency, the Seychelles Bureau of Standards and the Small Enterprise Promotion Agency.



One of the main objectives of SADC is ‘ to promote sustainable and equitable economic growth and socio-economic development that will ensure poverty alleviation with the ultimate objective of its eradication, enhance the standard and quality of life of the people of Southern Africa and support the socially disadvantaged through regional integration’ .



The purpose of the workshop was to deliberate on the SADC Protocol on STI, in preparation for formulating the Seychelles response to the invitation from SADC to ratify the said Protocol.



The STI Protocol, which outlines the legal framework of cooperation between SADC Member states,


‘obligates Member States to promote the development, transfer and mastery of STI, for the eradication of poverty, prevention and cure of communicable diseases, sustainable environment management ,provision of basic needs like safe water, food housing and energy, and wealth creation and sustainable socio-economic development’ .



Following a comprehensive examination of the key aspects of the STI Proposal, and its implications for Seychelles, a report on the deliberations of the workshop will be submitted to the relevant Seychelles authorities in accordance with the normal procedures governing the ratification of protocols.



It is to be noted that the STI Protocol has already been endorsed by several member states of SADC



Editor’s Note:



To-date, the SADC STI activities include:


– harmonizing STI Policies in the SADC Region


– launching of SADC Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Week


– establishing a Regional Portal for STI –


– promoting a SADC Women in Science, Engineering and Technology Programmes


– holding Indigenous Knowledge Systems Regional Workshops


– devising appropriate structures and policies governing Intellectual Property Rights