Press release

Second meeting of the Honorary Consuls under the jurisdiction of the Seychelles High Commission in Delhi, India

May 6, 2024

On 3rd May 2024, High Commissioner Lalatiana Accouche chaired the second meeting of the Seychelles Honorary Consuls falling under the jurisdiction of the Seychelles High Commission in Delhi, i.e. Honorary Consuls of Seychelles in India, Israel, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Philippines, and Indonesia.

Recognizing the pivotal role of the Honorary Consuls in promoting/advancing the interests of Seychelles and safeguarding its citizens, the High Commission in Delhi convenes such gatherings at least twice a year, serving as a platform to discuss matters of interest to Seychelles, collaboration in various fields, as well as assess ongoing activities and initiatives such as “Adopt a District Program,“.

Deliberations also encompassed identifying challenges and charting future strategies, including preparations for the forthcoming biennial Seychelles Honorary Consuls Conference, scheduled for October this year in Seychelles.

The participants also had a constructive virtual dialogue with Headquarters, which was represented by Ms. Shirley Low Meng, Director of Consular and Diaspora Affairs, who provided invaluable clarity on various consular matters, thus enriching the discussions.

Held in Goa under the host of Mr. Kasu Rajagopal Reddy, the Seychelles Honorary Consul in Bengaluru, the meeting which was also an opportunity to further strengthen the bonds between the Seychelles High Commission and its Honorary Consuls, concluded on a note of optimism, with participants expressing renewed vigour to bolster Seychelles’ representation and foster stronger diplomatic ties through concerted efforts and collaborative initiatives.