Press release

Seychelles Addresses Annual United Nations General Assembly

September 28, 2013

Vice President Danny Faure has emphasised Seychelles’ role as a responsible and reliable member of the United Nations dedicated to the principles of sustainable development in Seychelles’ annual address to the United Nations General Assembly in New York yesterday.

The Vice President stressed that the United Nations General Assembly “evokes the spirit of humanity’s common cause better than any other institution”.

“Indeed, in this hall, we are reminded that there are no large nations nor small nations, rich nations nor poor nations, powerful nations nor weak nations- simply the united nations,” the Vice President added.

In relation to the Post 2015 development agenda, the Vice President underlined the importance of bringing more support to Small Island Developing States as we prepare for the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States to be held in Samoa in 2014.

Vice President Faure also emphasized that for sustainable development to succeed; the green economy must be developed simultaneously with the blue economy.  He stated that the development of the blue economy was essential for islands to realize their potential, while also to ensure that the planet as whole is sustainable:

“Our oceans make up 72% of our planet, and connect our nations in terms of geography, in terms of trade, transport and in terms of communications.  We consider island nations such as ourselves as guardians of this space- even if in many cases, we can be but witnesses to plunder, pillage and pollution.  The status quo merely perpetuates a model where we will consume our planet’s resources with no long term protection, while the menace of climate change continues to grow as a threat to our economies, our way of life and our existence.”

The Vice President stated that the special high-level event being organized in January 2014 jointly by the government of Seychelles and UAE as part of the sustainability week would provide a platform for further developing the concept for the benefit of all nations that depend on the sea for their development.  It was noted that it was agreed to hold this meeting in Abu Dhabi following the hosting of AIMS preparatory meeting in Seychelles in July.

The Vice President also recorded Seychelles’ determination to be constructive partner to address the security challenges of the region, including in terms of maritime security and of stabilising Somalia.

He reiterated the condolences of the Seychelles Government towards Kenya following the barbaric attacks perpetrated at the Westgate Mall and expressed the determination of the region to reject such forces of ‘division and hostility’.

The Vice President also reiterated Seychelles commitment to multilateralism and its commitment to ensure that all perspectives are heard as the core reasons motivating its bid for a Security Council seat for the period 2017-2018.