Press release

Seychelles Ambassador Presents Credentials to the Grand Duke of Luxembourg

September 18, 2007

Mr. Barry Faure, Seychelles Ambassador with residence in Brussels, presented his credentials to His Royal Highness Henri of Luxembourg, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, on Thursday 13th September 2007 in Luxembourg.

The ceremony took place at the Royal Palace in the capital city of Luxembourg. Ambassador Faure presented to His Royal Highness the letter of recall of his predecessor and the letter of credence, by which H.E. the President of the Republic of Seychelles accredited him as Ambassador to Her Majesty’s Court.

This was followed by a photo session and a private audience with the Grand Duke who has served as Head of State since 7th October 2000. Ambassador Faure took the opportunity to present to the Grand Duke a coco-de-mer on behalf of the President and the People of Seychelles to symbolize our desire to maintain and further enhance our excellent relations in the spirit of mutual respect, friendship and co-operation.

Seychelles and Luxembourg established diplomatic relations on 17th February 1989. Luxembourg, which has the world’s second highest GDP per capita and a highly developed financial services sector, is one of the smallest counties in Europe.

Whilst trade barely exists between the two countries, tourism figures are on the increase (267 in 2006 for a local population of only 277 700). Seychelles can benefit from the development of a stronger international partnership with Luxembourg on the basis of our mutual understanding of the specificities of small countries, the role occupied by financial services, and the further development of tourism.

Ambassador Faure replaces outgoing Ambassador Calixte d’Offay, currently the Principal Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

During his first working mission to Luxembourg, Ambassador Faure also held meetings with Seychelles Honorary Consul, Mr. Andre Schwachtgen, the Chief Protocol Officer and the Marshall of the Grand Duke’s Court, amongst other high-ranking officials of the Court.