Press release

Seychelles an economic model for Africa, says President Trump

September 10, 2017

President Donald Trump has described Seychelles as an economic model for Africa and noted its innovative financing initiatives to address its development needs and build a blue economy.

The President was speaking through a prepared statement on Friday when Ambassador Ronny Jumeau presented his credentials as Seychelles’ Ambassador to the United States to Mr Trump in the Oval Office at the White House.

Noting that the two countries enjoyed a strong relationship, Ambassador Jumeau reminded the US President that “along with other small island developing states, Seychelles faces one of the most important issues of our time: the threat of climate change.”

He also spoke of the strengthening of democracy in Seychelles where President Danny Faure is working in cohabitation with the opposition. 

Representatives of the White House staff, the State Department and the National Security Council were present at the credentials ceremony for several new ambassadors to the US based in either Washington DC or New York.

“Seychelles stands as a model for other African economies as one of the top per-capita-income countries in the region,” the US President said.

Referring to the islands’ debt-for-adaptation swap and forthcoming blue bonds, the first of their kind, Mr Trump said, “Seychelles’ innovative financing programs promote development, help its citizens succeed, and protect its treasures on land and sea.”

Looking forward to deepening the “already close relations” between the two countries, President Trump said Seychelles and the United States “share a long history of friendship, including our partnership over the years to combat piracy and assure maritime security in the Indian Ocean.”

Seychelles’ willingness to apprehend, prosecute, and incarcerate law breakers “helps the international order and means a great deal to the United States”.

Ambassador Jumeau, speaking through remarks prepared before the current hurricanes devastating parts of the Caribbean and United States, said, “Climate change threatens the very existence of thousands of islands, and the people who inhabit those islands, and we must act decisively.”

The world also had a shared responsibility to protect the oceans for sustainable development.

Ambassador Jumeau also updated President Trump on recent political developments in Seychelles to strengthen democracy. This includes a President from one party working in cohabitation with an opposition-led parliament.

“President Danny Faure has focused on enforcing the principles of good governance, transparency and accountability under his mandate,” Ambassador Jumeau said.