Press release

Seychelles and Botswana set to deepen ties with signing of MoU in Education

September 15, 2015

A memorandum of understanding in the field of education between the Ministries of education of the both the Republics of Seychelles and Botswana was completed today at Maison Queau de Quinssy.  The Minister for Education, Mrs Macsuzy Mondon and Dr. Unity Dow, Minister for Education and Skills Development of the Republic Botswana signed the document in the presence of Minister of Foreign Affairs and Transport, Mr Joël Morgan, which is set to deepen the cooperation in the domain of education.

The visit of the Motswana Minister comes after Vice President Danny Faure and Minister Joël Morgan held bilateral discussions in Gaborone in the margins of the SADC summit held only last month with the Motswana Government, seeking to reinforce the capacity of Seychelles in the field of education.

This memorandum of understanding will offer opportunities for Seychellois teachers to further their ability with higher-level training in that respective field as well as paving the way for teachers from Botswana to teach in Seychelles.

Currently, there are 20 teachers following first degree courses in the Botswana university with a view to increase that number, in the area of English language, mathematics, science and social sciences. In addition a first cohort of Motswana teachers are expected to arrive in Seychelles towards the end of the year following the singing of this MoU.

Speaking at a press conference following the signing, Dr Unity Dow, emphasised her Government’s plan to position Botswana as a high quality educational hub within the region. She remarked, “this opportunity will give Seychellois students access to a good foreign educational experience and in turn will have a cross cultural benefit whereby we experience each others unique cultural heritage.”

Minister Mondon opined that direct access to the great educational tradition of Botswana will pave the way for an expansion in overall scholarship and academia in Seychelles and have a lasting impact on our nation. 

On his part, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Transport, Mr Joël Morgan remarked that this memorandum of understating in the field of education would deepen the already excellent relations with Botswana and would lead to further areas for cooperation with the country. “Botswana offers ample trade opportunities and will reinforce the spirit of south –south cooperation as members of the same regional groupings, he said.”