Press release

Seychelles and Cuba Consolidate Health Relations

May 1, 2017

Havana, Cuba: To mark the final day of his State Visit in Cuba yesterday, President Danny Faure undertook a series of visits to two key Health establishments; the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Centre and the Institute of Tropical Medicine ‘Petro Kouri’ (IPK) respectively, leading to great strides in obtaining new health cooperation opportunities for Seychelles.

President Faure firstly visited the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Centre where he attended a presentation highlighting the predominant health areas where the centre can support Seychelles.

In line with enhancing health cooperation, the Presidential delegation also visited Cuba’s leading public health institute, the Institute of Tropical Medicine ‘Petro Kouri’ (IPK), which specializes in the prevention of the spreading of tropical communicable diseases and facilitate the development of biomedical research and training throughout Cuba.

As two island nations affected by similar tropical communicable diseases and other health issues, President Faure discussed the possibility of obtaining IPK’s support in the sharing of effective researched health practices that can improve the Seychelles Public Health system.

With five main departments, which include microbiology, parasitology, medical care, epidemiology, and teaching, IPK also presents the ideal platform for Seychellois Medical Students who wish to pursue further specialization following their medical studies. An area, the President also enlisted the assistance of the Institute.