Press release

Seychelles and Cuba Consolidates Existing Excellent Relations

July 16, 2013

Ambassador Marie-Louise Potter has presented her Letter of Credentials to the Vice President of the Council of State, H.E. Gladys Maria Bejerano Portela , in a ceremony  held in Havana on 20th June  to become Seychelles’ 6th Non-Resident Ambassador to Cuba.

Ambassador Potter, who is based in New York as Seychelles’ Permanent Representative to the United Nations, said she hoped her accreditation would further consolidate the excellent relations that have existed between the two Island nations since the establishment of diplomatic relations in April 1978.

Discussions that followed centered on the strong bonds of friendship and collaboration that have united the two island nations for many years and the desire for Seychelles to open an Embassy in Havana, a development which will constitute another step in bringing closer the two governments and peoples.

Seychelles’ Ambassador conveyed the gratitude of our government and people for the significant role that Cuba has and continues to play in the development of Seychelles, notably in the health and education sectors.

The Ambassador reiterated Seychelles’ commitment to continue cooperating with Cuba in regional and international issues and reaffirmed our continued support to the UN Resolution calling for the removal of the US trade embargo against Cuba.

The Cuban Minister for Foreign Affairs, H.E Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, also attended the ceremony, which was held at the Headquarters of the Cuban Government in Revolution Square.

Speaking after her accreditation, Ambassador Potter expressed high optimism for greater collaboration between Seychelles and Cuba with the eventual opening of an Embassy in Havana, which she says will equally open up new avenues of cooperation with other Caribbean and Latin American countries.

The accreditation was followed by a wreath laying ceremony at the National Hero Monument to the Cuban Hero, Jose Marti at the Revolution Square.

Ambassador Potter also met with a group of Seychellois students in Havana at the Latin American School of Medicine who were all in high spirit and doing well in their studies. The students welcomed the idea of a Seychelles Embassy in Cuba given the large Seychellois student population, which is set to increase with the new scholarship agreement between Seychelles and Cuba.