Press release

Seychelles and Egypt Discuss Death Sentencing of Seychellois Nationals

April 15, 2013

Foreign Minister Jean-Paul Adam has today reiterated the position of the Seychelles Government to the Egyptian Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Mona Omar, with regards to the death sentence currently being faced by three Seychellois nationals recently convicted of drug trafficking offences in Egypt.

“What we have made very clear at the outset of our discussions is that both Seychelles and Egypt are countries who have a zero tolerance policy towards drug trafficking, however Seychelles is not a country that imposes the death penalty and as there may be some mitigating circumstances with this particular case, we have asked that the Egyptian government give clemency with regards to this sentencing,” said Minister Adam.

Minister Adam explained that during their discussions Amb. Omar has confirmed that her government has received correspondence from the Seychelles Government and that they are sympathetic to the situation and therefor have taken up the matter with the Egyptian Justice Ministry.

Minister Adam stressed that, similarly to Seychelles, the Egyptian judicial system is separate from the executive body therefore the final decision taken by the Supreme Court, once the appeal and diplomatic efforts have been exhausted, will be final.

Vice Minister Omar is currently in Seychelles on a two day working visit during which she called on Vice President Danny Faure where the issue of the Seychellois prisoners was also discussed.