Press release


September 18, 2009

Seychelles and France have signed a Status of Forces Agreement this afternoon which covers the legal modalities for the deployment of French military personnel in Seychelles in the context of offering protection to French fishing vessels operating from the Port Victoria.

“We thank our partners for responding to our call for assistance on piracy.  A coordinated approach among the countries involved in  maritime surveillance in  the region is the key to tackling piracy.  The signing of this agreement is testimony to the strength of the relations between Seychelles and France as well as the strength of the joint commitment to fight piracy,” said President Michel following the signing of the agreement.

The agreement follows the call by President Michel for foreign partners to join in the fight against piracy. 

“The protection of fishing fleets in Port Victoria is crucial to the economy of the country and this collaboration between the two governments is a key step in this direction.” 

The agreement was signed on behalf of the Seychelles government by Mr. Joel Morgan, Minister for Environment, Natural resources and Transport while Mr. Philippe Delacroix, the French Ambassador to Seychelles, signed on behalf of France.

The Status of Forces Agreement with France also follows a similar agreement signed with the US to enable enhanced surveillance activities against piracy. It will be presented to the National Assembly for ratification in due course.