Press release

Seychelles and Kenya give timely boost to bilateral relations

March 18, 2014

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Jean-Paul ADAM, is on a working visit to the Republic of Kenya between the 17th to the 19th of March 2014 at the invitation of Her Excellency Mrs Amina Mohamed, Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kenya.

The Minister and his delegation met with his counterparttoday as part of a series of bilateral meetings with key High level Officials of the Kenyan Government.

As a mark of this renewed collaboration the Minister and the Cabinet Secretary signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Consultations between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Seychelles and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kenya.

“This Agreement will provide a renewed platform for our two Ministries to engage even further towards the conduct of more vivacious, vigorous and vibrant undertakings towards the betterment of our peoples, Governments and the wider region” indicated the Minister.

“We already have great relations as good neighbours, but this visit marks our determination to raise this partnership to a higher plane. We need to break away from structural constraints to intra-African development, growth and trade towards new real partnerships of mutual benefit, for example, in redefining the way in which we trade together by strengthening our connectivity by air and by sea.”, said Minister Adam.

Both Ministers stressed on the strong bilateral and historical ties which our countries have shared over the years and the willingness to forge an even stronger level of cooperation in the future. Special mention was made to thelineage which has long existed between our peoples, seen through the Kenya-born Seychellois and Seychelles-born Kenyans which reside and have integrated in both our countries.

Minister Adam also thanked the Government of Kenya for the great support thathas been offered to Seychelles under the Agreement on Technical Cooperation which was signed in 1990. Seychelles has enjoyed support in form of expertise in a wide array of sectors especially in the Education sector, where numerous teachers in Seychelles’ schools and tertiary institutions are of Kenyan origin.

The Minister also extended the congratulations of the Government of Seychelles to the Government of Kenya for the strides which the latter undertook and the commendable conduct of stable elections which took place in 2012. This success was a representation of the Kenyan Unity and stability Minister indicated, especially as Kenye celebrated last year its 50th anniversary of independence.

As key outcome of the meeting, the two countries identified areas of mutual interest to enhance on their existing collaborations. These included trade, Maritime Security and the fight against piracy, the blue economy, parliamentary exchanges, exchanges between the chambers of commerce, youth and sports, cultural exchanges, fisheries, exchange of information, exchanges in labour, experts, skills and expertise, and joint ventures such as in tourism Marketing.

On the latter, tourism was seen by both delegations as a key vector for socio-economic growth which both countries could benefit from tenfold. Seychelles and Kenya already have well cemented tourism industries. Strong reference on the importance of the African Ministers of Tourism Meeting for the development of an Africa Union Tourism Strategy, which took place in Seychelles on Friday 14th March 2014, was made.

The Ministers agreed on the importance having an ‘Africa Brand’ in tourism within the true spirit of integration, which would provide an umbrella and support each member state in the development of this vital sector.

On the issue of peace and security, the two Ministers appreciated each others’ input towards the restoration of peace in key countries of the region such as Somalia, South Sudan, and Madagascar.

Minister Adam is being accompanied by Mr Joseph Nourrice, Seychelles Ambassador based in Ethiopia, Mr Marco Francis, Chairman of the Seychelles chamber of Commerce and Mr Terry Rose, Third Secretary, Africa and Indian Ocean Desk, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.