Press release

Seychelles and Kenya join to promote African Tourism

March 19, 2014

During Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jean-Paul Adam’s official visit to Kenya, tourism cooperation has been at the heart of the discussions between the countries.  In addition to collaborating to promote a dual destination concept, the two countries have recognised the need for enhanced cooperation at the level of the African Union to strengthen an ‘African brand’ of tourism.  Following the hosting of the African Union Tourism Working Group meeting in Seychelles from 13th-14th March to the two countries have resolved to ensure that tourism strengthens its position as a driver of development in the region.

As part of his official visit to Kenya, Minister Jean-Paul Adam met with H. E. Mrs Phyllis Kandie, Cabinet Secretary for East African Affairs, Tourism and Commerce of the Republic of Kenya.

The two Ministers underscored the importance of the tourism industry and the need to further develop this important source of revenue in a continuous sustainable manner which will benefit both countries. The prospects of joint marketing of our destinations in a two-destination package and in the great potential that can be explored through increasing Kenya Airways flights to Seychelles were also discussed at length.

The concepts of building an all-inclusive ‘Africa Brand’ of Tourism and to construct an African Union Tourism Strategy were discussed. Kenya was a key contributor in the African Ministers of Tourism Meeting for the development of an African Union Tourism Strategy which took place in Seychelles last week.

“As part of the African Union, we strongly believe that we need to increase and develop our tourism industries to a new era of partnership; one where we work together to ensure sustainable economic growth for both our countries”, said Minister Adam.

The signing of a memorandum of understanding in Tourism and exchanges between the two respective Ministries was seen as vital for the future development of future bilateral tourism endeavours. Minister Adam welcomed the participation of Minister Kandie, to the 2014 Seychelles Carnival of Victoria at the end of April.

The proposal to hold a Business Forum in Nairobi so as to explore the various business and investment opportunities came at an opportune moment and the presence of the Chairman of the Seychelles chamber of commerce is testament to the political will translated into affirmative action.

Minister Adam commended the readiness of the respective private sectors of the countries to cooperate following the invitation extended to the Seychelles delegation to despatch a technical team to view and assess facilities.

The challenges faced by the inadequate connectivity was also noted as an impediment to developing the regional and continental capacity to do business within Africa, but the Minister remained hopeful that the level of interest bodes well for a new developments in this regard in Seychelles Kenya bilateral relations.