Press release

Seychelles- Angola relations: Accreditation of Seychelles Ambassador

February 28, 2014

Mr Claude Morel presented his Letters of Credentials to Mr Jose Edouardo dos Santos as Seychelles’ Ambassador to Angola during a ceremony at the presidential palace in Luanda on 21st February 2014, in the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr George Rebelo Chikoti.
President dos Santos reciprocated the greetings of friendship, solidarity and cooperation that were conveyed to him by Ambassador Morel on behalf of President James Michel.
The exchange in the meeting focussed on parameters to further consolidate the relations between the two countries. President dos Santos suggested the establishment of a Joint Bilateral Commission, as a vehicle to implement mutual programmes and partnerships, with a view of periodically monitoring progress registered.
Collaboration within the framework of the SADC agenda for regional integration was also addressed. The appreciation of Seychelles’ role in contributing to resolve the political crisis in Madagascar was relayed to Ambassador Morel.
Angola and Seychelles share common views and aspirations in the promotion and defence of their respective interests in the international for a, particularly within the context of the United Nations and the African Union.