Press release

Seychelles at the Egypt Economic Development Conference

March 18, 2015

The President of the Republic, James Michel, was represented at the Egypt Economic Development Conference (13-15 March) by Secretary of State (Foreign Affairs) Ambassador Barry Faure. Egypt received the resounding support of the international community for its decisive stance against terrorism and insecurity, as well as the encouraging policies it has begun to introduce towards sustainable economic development.

Although the Conference was economic, it provided an opportunity to discuss cooperation in the war against terror given Egypt’s crucial geopolitical position in the Middle East, in Africa and the world at large.

Pledges of over USD 18 billion were made, mostly by the Arab world, and contracts with a broad range of global companies, worth more than USD 36 billion, largely in the power sector, were signed. President Sisi, in making some general remarks towards the end of Conference, announced the “re-awakening” of Egypt and the commitment of his government to honour all its obligations. He stated that the Conference would become an annual event and would give the opportunity to countries in difficulty to use the platform to obtain international support.

Seychelles’ participation in the Conference is evidence of the high importance the country attaches to its bilateral ties with Egypt. It provided an opportunity to discuss concrete areas where both countries may collaborate with each other for increased trade and investment, economic cooperation and people-to-people contacts.