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Seychelles calls for commitment to multilateralism for peace and sustainable development at the 69th UN General Assembly

October 1, 2014

Seychelles has underscored the relevance of the United Nations process in addressing issues of peace and development which the world faces today.

Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly, Minister Jean-Paul Adam stated that “we must reinforce our commitment to multilateralism through the UN while also ensuring that we accord the highest priority to more inclusive and effective development.”

The Minister’s speech also reiterated Seychelles’ commitment to pushing forward the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) agenda, especially in the wake of the SIDS conference held in Samoa earlier this month.

The priorities, which Seychelles is championing, include the need for a vulnerability index as a more effective tool to measure the development of SIDS; the innovative debt for climate change adaptation swap to address the debilitating debts of SIDS; and the Blue Economy concept.

The Minister underlined that an effective vulnerability assessment tool would improve development options for all states, and not just SIDS.

He also pointed out that the Blue Economy was a shared opportunity for all developing nations to make better use of their oceanic spaces.

Seychelles’ initiative to conclude ‘debt for climate change adaptation swaps’ was also highlighted as a practical proposal that both aims to overcome the problem of access to resources for middle income SIDS and as a meaningful contribution towards climate change resilience among islands and the planet as a whole.

In his speech, the Minister also reiterated Seychelles’ hope that the international community arrives at a legally binding agreement on climate change: “We call on all partners to make sure that the upcoming conference of parties that will meet in Lima, Peru sets the stage for concluding an agreement in Paris 2015”, said Minister Adam.

The speech also highlighted Seychelles’ commitment to maritime security, peace and security in Africa and the Indian Ocean, the global threat of the Ebola pandemic and reaffirmed its commitment to playing its part, within the UN multilateral system, to the service of humanity.

On maritime security, the Minister outlined efforts that Seychelles is making to improve coordination and surveillance of shared maritime spaces through regional intelligence sharing initiatives.

The Minister also called on the international community to keep the process of re-building Somalia high on its agenda and mentioned Seychelles’ own efforts to build Somali fishing capacity through the sharing of technical expertise through international agencies.


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