Press release

Seychelles Climbs in IIAG rankings

October 5, 2016

The 2016 Ibrahim Index of African Governance has been published and has again ranked African states on four major components pertinent to their development. These are: safety and rule of law, participation and human rights, human development and sustainable economic opportunity. 

Seychelles has this year risen to fourth position in all of Africa following Mauritius, Botswana and Cabo Verde respectively. Seychelles also finds itself in first position in the Eastern African region. 

The Mo Ibrahim foundation after taking into consideration Seychelles’ commitment to improving the overall governance, democracy and rule of law of the country in the context of the African continent;  has increased its overall ranking from the previous year. In the overall scoring process Seychelles achieved 72.6 points out of a possible 100. Last year, Seychelles managed a lower score of 70.3 which placed it in the 6th position out of 54 African states. 

Seychelles has increased its scores across all four main categories. This is a firm indication and acknowledgement of the international community confidence in Seychelles’ approach to bettering the lives of its citizens across a broad spectrum of socio-economic indicators. 

In terms of the Human Development category, Seychelles has this year ranked first on the entire African continent which puts into perspective investments made in education, health and social welfare. 

As a top performing country in the Ibrahim Index of African Governance and one which is dedicated to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals after having fulfilled the requirements for the implementation of the Millenium Development Goals, Seychelles is proud of the outcome of this years assessment. 

However, Seychelles is still of the view that further analysis and proper data collection is essential to having a truly credible and indicative report. As such, the Government has extended an invitation to representatives of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation to visit Seychelles in order to have a better appreciation of the local context. 

On his part, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Transport welcomed this years assessment as a positive step which reflects Seychelles overall commitment to people centred development and the ideals of  good governance, democracy and rule of law. He further indicated that Government was committed to continue along its development trajectory to better the lives of its people and would continuously strive to address key aspects of the governance indicators as set out by the Ibrahim Index.