Press release

Seychelles Commemorates the 40th Anniversary of SADC

April 1, 2020

On the 1st April 1980, the Southern African Development Coordination Conference (SADCC) was formed by nine southern African countries seeking to eradicate the effects of apartheid in order to encourage economic growth and security in the region. In 1994, the founding members of SADCC, with the addition of Namibia, transformed into the Southern African Development Community (SADC) as we know it today. Seychelles first joined SADC in 1997 and the thriving community now comprises 16 Member States with a combined population of almost 350 million people.

On this momentous occasion marking this 40-year milestone, Seychelles reflects on the achievements of SADC and celebrates the progress of our region. The Trade Related Facility (TRF) has assisted Member States to participate in regional and international trade to enhance development in the SADC region. From the Protocols to the Parliamentary Forum, SADC has been the guiding force which continues to harmonise the work of Member States to promote regional integration. Though our region is vast and culturally diverse, we are drawn together by the shared values which form the foundations of our organisation. Economic well-being, social justice and peace are values which transcend our national borders and which SADC has underlined to guide its Member States.

Our collective pursuit of poverty eradication, sustainable development and equitable growth makes SADC’s existence more important as the platform to coordinate and steer our regional integration agenda. The Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan (RISDP) is an effective framework for us to achieve our integration objectives and remains crucial to the SADC Vision. Our vision of an economically prosperous, secure and democratic region is gradually becoming reality. The development of our region has been hastened by our collective efforts and cooperation which will continue to flourish as our partnerships continue to deepen and our strategies become more refined.

Seychelles is proud to be a part of SADC’s past and looks to the future with optimism under its auspices. We join all Member States on this joyous occasion to commemorate 40 years of progress and success. On behalf of the Government and the People of Seychelles, it is with immense pride and joy that the Department of Foreign Affairs wishes the SADC Secretariat and all Member States a very happy 40th Anniversary.