Press release

Seychelles concludes signing of a strategic Fisheries Access Agreement

May 27, 2014

Following the meeting between delegations from the European Union and Seychelles held in Victoria, in November 2013, where a Fisheries Access Agreement was initialed, Ambassador Vivianne Fock-Tave, signed the Fisheries agreement on behalf of the Republic Seychelles in Brussels, Belgium .

This agreement allows Seychelles flagged vessels to continue their operations in Mayotte waters, regardless of the transition of Mayotte to the European Region as of January 1st 2014.

The Agreement will allow eight tuna purse seine vessels to operate in the waters of Mayotte under the jurisdiction of the EU for the next six years against the payment of licence and catch fees coming directly from the ship-owners.

The culmination of these efforts have led to the successful conclusion of the Seychelles EU talks with the view of strengthening Seychelles’ stake in the sustainable operative framework with regard to fisheries. This highlights Seychelles importance as a responsible tuna fishing nation and confirms the strategic partnership and high regard in which the European Union views Seychelles

This Agreement will consolidate cooperation between the EU and Seychelles and establishing general fishery governance of the highest standard in terms of sustainability, transparency, control and monitoring of the respective fleets, encompassed in the newly reformed EU Common Fishery Policy. It is important to note that this is also the first tuna agreement whereby the European Union allows for vessels of a non-EU member country to fish in its waters on the payment of fees.