Press release

Seychelles Congratulates First Female President of Korea

December 20, 2012

Following the election of the Ms. Park Geun-hye as President of the Republic of Korea, President James Michel has extended his warm felicitations on behalf of the People and Government of Seychelles.

The President congratulated the President-elect on her landmark victory which has made her Korea’s first female President:

“Ushered in as the 6th President under the progressive Sixth Republic, we have no doubt that Korea will continue to flourish under your able stewardship. Moreover, your appointment as the first female President in the history of your nation is a significant moment, illustrative of your country’s commitment to maintaining a representative democracy.”

In the congratulatory letter sent the President also remarked on the good ties that exist between Seychelles and Korea particularly in recent years with the conclusion of the first Joint Commission between the two states, and Seychelles’ participation in the Yeosu Expo 2012.

“I am optimistic that under your leadership, Seychelles and Korea will continue to discover new areas for fruitful cooperation, and look forward to raising our partnership to new heights as we work hand-in-hand for the mutual benefit of our peoples.”

The President concluded by wishing the President-elect every success in her tenure.