Press release

Seychelles deepens diplomatic ties with Sweden as Seychelles Ambassador accredited to the Kingdom

May 26, 2014

“I have the honour to convey to Your Majesty greetings and good wishes from President, James Alix Michel, the Government and people of the Republic of Seychelles, and to present to Your Majesty, the Letter by which President Michel has accredited me as non-resident Ambassador to the Kingdom of Sweden” said Ambassador Marie- Pierre Lloyd whilst presenting her credentials to His Majesty, Carl XVI Gustaf of the Kingdom of Sweden. Ambassador Lloyd is the first Seychelles Ambassador accredited to Sweden.

During the audience, His Majesty reminisced over his visit to Seychelles in 1993 and on the excellent relations that exist between Sweden and Seychelles.  On behalf of President Michel, Ambassador Lloyd extended to His Majesty an open invitation for another visit to Seychelles.

Ensuing discussions focused on Seychelles achievements as a small island state and its leadership with respect to environment and climate change, both areas of special interest to His Majesty, His Majesty expressed concerns over the challenges faced by small island states especially in relation to the critical balance required between protection of the environment and development, for example ensuring sustainable fishing, sustainable tourism.

Ambassador Lloyd took the opportunity to elaborate on the ‘Blue Economy’ concept highlighting that many nations are embracing the concept, helping to harness further support and partnerships.

Ambassador Lloyd also noted Sweden’s great achievements with respect to energy mix to reduce its reliance on fossil fuel and expressed Seychelles’ interests in benefitting from Sweden’s experience in this through provision of technical assistance for the development of Seychelles’ energy policy.

During her stay in Sweden, Ambassador Lloyd’s, accompanied by Seychelles Honorary Consuls in Sweden, also had several meetings and visits aimed at exploring areas for potential collaboration between the two countries in various fields, among others, energy, rehabilitation programmes for adolescents suffering from drugs and substance abuse; entrepreneurship education in primary and secondary schools, cultural exchanges.