Press release

Seychelles Delegation participates in IFAD Governing Council Session

February 26, 2014

Seychelles was represented at the 37th Governing Council session of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) held last week in Rome, Italy, by Ambassador Bernard Shamlaye, Seychelles Governor for IFAD, and Mr Michael Nalletamby, Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources. The session was held under the theme “Investing in smallholder family farmers for the future we want”.
Several presentations and discussions centred on the essential role played by small and family farmers in food production, the challenges that they face and possible solutions for improvement. It may be noted that the United Nations has declared 2014 the International Year of Family Farming while in the African Union it is also the Year of Agriculture and Food Security, celebrating 10 years of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Plan (CAADP).
The Council reviewed IFAD’s 2014 results-based programme of work and approved its budget. It welcomed the Russian Federation as a member of IFAD, which now has 173 member-states.
In its statement to the Governing Council session, the Seychelles delegation focused on the challenges affecting the agricultural sector and the current initiatives being taken by Seychelles, engaging national stakeholders and regional and international partners, for its revival. It stressed the importance of the transfer of knowledge and skills and the love of the practice of food production to the younger generations and expressed appreciation for the attention that IFAD places on climate change mitigation and adaptation as well as on youth and women.
Ambassador Shamlaye and PS Nalletamby held talks with the Regional Director for East and Southern Africa Division at IFAD, Mr Perin St Ange, and other staff regarding the recently-contracted Competitive Local Innovations for Small-scale Agriculture Project (CLISSA) with a view to ensure its efficient management and the timely implementation of its various components.
In Rome, Ambassador Shamlaye also participated in a half-day conference organised by the Italian Government on the Italy-Africa Initiative aimed at reviving Italian relations with African countries through partnership for the promotion of sustainable and inclusive growth, notably in the agricultural and food sectors.