Press release

Seychelles diplomatic and consular corps gather at AVANI Resort for the Annual Diplomatic Cocktail

February 13, 2019

The Department of Foreign Affairs held its Annual Diplomatic Cocktail at AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort on Tuesday evening.

This annual event, hosted by the Department is in recognition and appreciation for all the support accorded to the Department and to Seychelles, from the Diplomatic Corps and the Consular Corps.

“Seychelles is thankful for your support, and so tonight is in celebration of all our efforts, collaboration and achievements” said Vice President Meriton, as he delivered his address, in his capacity as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Vice President further highlighted some key achievements of Seychelles in 2018 on a national and international platform especially concerning the Blue Economy agenda, and issues related to maritime security and climate change.

“Much more has been achieved in 2018 and we hope that in 2019, we will continue to work in strong collaboration with our international partners” said Vice President.

The Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, Russian Ambassador Vladimir Belous, also delivered a toast saying, “This annual gathering has over the years become one of such beautiful traditions, which represents the heart and soul of hospitable, generous and friendly Seychellois character”.


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