Press release

Seychelles Diplomatic Convention 2018

October 2, 2018

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) yesterday officially launched the Diplomatic Convention 2018, a biennial event that brings together all of Seychelles’ Honorary Consuls. Also In attendance were all of Seychelles’ Ambassadors working in our Embassies and High Commissions.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Vice President Meriton, in his opening remarks, welcomed all to this newly rebranded event from the Honorary Consuls’ Conference to the Seychelles Diplomatic Convention 2018.
Vice President Meriton remarked that “the re-branding is in line with the reinvigoration of the DFA which has embarked on a journey of restructuring and innovative strategizing”. The VP then took the opportunity to invite the President to the podium for his Keynote address.
In his address, President Faure thanked the Ambassadors and Honorary Consuls for their hard work in enhancing bilateral relations and defending Seychelles’ interest overseas.
The President highlighted the need for all to remain advocates for the cause of Small Island Developing States (SIDS), on ‘climate change’ and ‘Blue Economy’ as they are vital to our sustainable development.
“Your efforts, contributions, and global networks have been invaluable to the progress of Seychelles across different spectrums. We count on your support – the support of each and everyone of you – to seize every given opportunity to express Seychelles’ voice on these issues.
This was followed by a group photograph of the President, Vice President, Ministers, Ambassadors and Consuls, before the ‘Working Sessions’ began.
Secretary of State Barry Faure introduced the working sessions with a presentation of the DFA’s Strategic Plan 2020, highlighting the Foreign Policy and Strategic Plan of the Department, and ending with an explanation of the new structure of the Department.
The sessions continued with open discussions on mechanisms to enhance coordination between Honorary Consuls, Seychelles Embassies and High commissions and Head Office.
The Convention continued today with the Consuls meeting with various Government representatives from all sectors of Government, allowing the Consuls opportunities for direct talks with specific Government agencies regarding relevant projects and events that they are working on and deem beneficial to Seychelles.
The Convention will enter its third and final day tomorrow.