Press release

Seychelles engages with TICAD for solving security issues in Africa

March 18, 2013

Speaking at the 3rd plenary of the TICAD ministerial meeting being held in Addis Ababa, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Jean-Paul Adam, has highlighted a number of security issues where Africa and Japan must strengthen their partnership.

During his intervention the Minister highlighted the importance of strengthening the efforts to support the new Somali Government in building a stable and secure nation.  He has stressed the importance of AMISOM’s operations and called for strengthening of a maritime component for AMISOM.  These efforts must be situated in the context of empowering Somalia itself the Minister noted:

“We must also empower Somalia itself. We commend the efforts of the new Somali Government in their difficult task of rebuilding their country.  It is certain that by building their capacity for maritime surveillance, as well as their capacity in terms of law and order, we are maximising the chances if success for the new government.

“Seychelles stands ready to help in this support process, and we believe Japan’s strong knowledge in matter sod maritime governance provide a good foundation for TICAD to also be able to contribute positively towards enhanced maritime governance in and around Somalia.”

The Minister also discussed the process of returning Madagascar to Constitutional normalcy.  He urged all international partners to proactively support Madagascar in their development process and of engaging towards the lifting of sanctions against Madagascar, as the agreement for the two main protagonists not to participate in the elections, as floated in the Seychelles mediation process, represented a key opportunity to bring the crisis to an end.

The Minister asked that the TICAD process move in this direction stating that, “We must ensure the machinery of development is ready to support them (Madagascar) and ensure there is no return to past instability.”

The Minister also used the opportunity to underline the importance of reform of the security architecture of global governance.  In relation to the reform of the UN Security Council, the Minister remarked that, “The principles of our AU are those of inclusion and participation of all- we must insist on these principles at a global level”.

It is in this context that Seychelles has itself announced its candidature for the UN Security Council in 2017-2018.


Picture: Minister Adam with Minister of Foreign Affairs of the FDRE at TICAD V