Press release

Seychelles Expresses Solidarity with Kenya During Attack on Shopping Mall

September 22, 2013

President James Michel has expressed his profound sadness and sincere condolences to the People and Government of Kenya following the ongoing attack on Westgate shopping centre in Nairobi that has resulted in the mass injuries and the loss of countless lives.

The President condemned the attack and extended the support of the People and Government of Seychelles, as well as the families of those affected around the world, in a letter sent to President Uhuru Kenyatta:

“We consider this attack as an assault on the values of freedom and tolerance that Seychelles and Kenya share, and we condemn it in the strongest terms.

The Seychellois people join me in expressing to you our most heartfelt condolences. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.”

President Michel also spoke of the need for continued action in bringing stability to region:

“As Kenya’s security forces continue to do their utmost to secure the site, we offer our solidarity and express our unreserved support in the face of this atrocity committed not only against the Kenyan people- but against the whole East African region.

We also stand with you in emphasizing that such attacks further strengthen our resolve to stand firm in our efforts to secure peace and stability throughout the Horn of Africa.”