Press release

Seychelles First Ambassador accredited to the Republic of Kenya

December 13, 2015

Ambassador Joseph Nourrice, the Resident Ambassador to Ethiopia and Permanent Representative to the African Union, has presented his Letters of Accreditation to the President of the Republic of Kenya His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta at State House in a ceremony held on the 8th December.

In his opening remarks Ambassador Nourrice conveyed the fraternal greetings of President James Michel and the People of Seychelles to President Kenyatta and through the latter, to the People of Kenya.

Ambassador Nourrice recalled that Seychelles and Kenya have a long standing history of friendship dating back many years with Kenyans who have integrated over the years in Seychelles and also many Seychellois communities that are today well established in Kenya.

“The bilateral relations between our two countries is currently at its highest following The MoU on Political Consultation and the General Cooperation Agreement between our two countries, signed in 2014 that paved the way for closer collaboration between our two countries”, stated Ambassador Nourrice.

The Ambassador further expressed the wish that his accreditation will provide that catalyst to bring to fruition the several areas already mapped out, and to move to new emerging areas of cooperation for our mutual benefits.

The areas alluded to were Maritime Security, Transfer of Prisoners Agreement, Recruitment of technical and professional manpower from Kenya, Exchanges and joint partnerships in the field of tourism, Fisheries, and the Blue Economy amongst others.

President Kenyatta on his part expressed his sentiments that the areas of co-operation of the recent past defined and initiated by both Seychelles and Kenya bode well for the expansion and extension of our bilateral co-operation.

He gave his personal undertaking and that of his Government to ensure that the implementation phase begins at the earliest.

In summarising the state of relations, Ambassador Nourrice noted that Seychelles and Kenya enjoys a very excellent relation both at the bilateral and multi-lateral level as a result of several commonalities between our two countries.

To cite a few of those areas, Ambassador Nourrice noted that firstly the relationship is firmly anchored on a very solid foundation, being the people to people relationship.

Secondly, there is a compelling need for both Seychelles and Kenya as coastal nations to cooperate closely in the areas of maritime security and the sustainable development of our oceanic spaces, while noting and commending the sterling role by Kenya and its contribution in the fight to bring peace and security to the region.

On a final note, Ambassador Nourrice conveyed to the Government and the People of the Republic of Kenya success and prosperity as they celebrate their Independence Day on 12th December.