Press release

Seychelles further solidifies bilateral relations with Mauritius

September 6, 2013

The Minister for Foreign affairs of the Republic of Seychelles, Jean-Paul Adam, and Vice Prime Minister, Minister for Finance, Xavier Luc Duval, have reaffirmed their ties at the 10th Session of Seychelles-Mauritius Joint Commission on Bilateral Cooperation this week in Mauritius

The Ministers emphasised that the talks would add impetus to existing bilateral cooperation in the fields tourism, agriculture, and culture and that the regional partnership would promote the ‘blue economy and the ‘Vanilla Islands Initiative’

Minister Adam stated that “the 10th Session of the Joint Commission on Bilateral Cooperation demonstrated the strong will and commitment from both countries to strengthen already existing partnerships and provide an opportunity to chart out new avenues of cooperation”.

In addition, Minister Adam stressed the importance of safeguarding the Indian Ocean from the threat of maritime piracy. He also highlighted the need to enhance the existing Air Services Agreement, which would improve connections between the two island nations.

Minister Adam stated, the island-nations share unique relationship and heritage, which goes beyond state-to-state relations and economic interests, being mutually beneficial and important to the Indian Ocean region.

Minister Adam also expressed his appreciation on behalf of the Government of Seychelles for Mauritian support of Seychelles’ bid for a non-permanent seat in the Security Council for the period 2017-2018.

Finally, Minister Adam and his counterpart, Dr. Arvin Boolell, of the Republic of Mauritius are expected to sign the Framework Agreement on Security and Crime Combating.

The Joint Commission is held every two years, and is aimed at further deepening the cooperation between the two island states.