Press release

Seychelles Government and civil society unite in effort to fight Ebola

December 17, 2014

Both the Government of Seychelles and civil society in Seychelles have expressed solidarity and their desire to help in the fight against the Ebola epidemic, which has affected West Africa. In show a support the Government of Seychelles has donated the sum of 10000 United States Dollars (USD) whilst over 4000 Euros was collected in a sponsored walk organised primarily by the National Youth Service 1981 (NYS81) Association.

At press conference held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday, Jean-Paul Adam, Minister for Foreign Affairs announced that the 10000 US donated by the Government of Seychelles would contribute towards the Solidarity Fund Against Ebola under the auspices of the African Union. He declared Ebola a global problem of unprecedented magnitude, which deserved a decisive response from the international community.

“The donation of this sum of money is not only a moral obligation but we are also protecting Seychelles by combatting the spread of the virus at its source,” said Minister Adam.

Also present at the press conference was Dr Jude Gedeon, Public Health Commissioner of Seychelles who warned against complacency when tackling the Ebola outbreak and reiterated that fighting Ebola in West Africa is essential to the public safety of the Seychellois people. The Ministry of Health and pharmacies in the private sector are donating excess medicine to the affected regions.

Mrs. Rose-Marie Bargain head of the NYS 81 Association representing civil society organised a solidarity march collecting over 4000 euros to be donated to the humanitarian agency ‘Médecins Sans Frontièrs’ who are actively engaged in the affected areas. Mrs. Bargain was heartened to see the genuine engagement of the Seychellois people and the private sector who supported the cause.

The World Health Organisation’s Liaison Officer in Seychelles, Dr Cornelia Atsyor noted “globalization and urban migration have increased the likelihood of the epidemic spreading at a rapid pace. It is for the good of humanity that we continue to fight the disease.”

Mr. Mohamed Kanté, a member of the Guinean community in Seychelles noted that acts of kindness shown by Seychelles and its people reinforce values and faith in humanity. Mr. Kanté expressed his thanks in the most emotional of terms.