Press release

Seychelles Hails Potential for Tourism as Catalyst for Further Development of China-Africa Relations

September 24, 2013

Minister Jean-Paul Adam has underlined the potential that tourism offers as a source of growth and investment in terms of future development of the relations between China and Africa while addressing the Special Session of the Ministerial meeting of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation held in the margins of the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Monday 23rd September.

The Seychelles Foreign Minister stressed the importance of the forum, under which China has pledged over 20 billion USD of credit for African development.

The Minister illustrated the multiplier effects of tourism and noted that it was one of the fastest ways in which to create inclusive growth.  The Minister also reminded the forum that the African Union was working on a comprehensive tourism strategy under which he called for engagement between Africa and China in new and meaningful ways.

In addition, the Minister further highlighted the importance of energy for African development and the role that China can play in particular in developing technologies for renewable energy in African countries.

Minister Adam also emphasized the importance of the ‘Blue Economy’ for Africa’s future development and that China could create new mutually beneficial partnerships by helping African countries to fully harness the potential of their oceanic spaces.