Press release

Seychelles High Commissioner Accredited to the Republic of Botswana

September 22, 2010

Mr Joseph Nourrice presented his letters of Credential as the new non Resident Ambassador of the Republic of Seychelles to His Excellency Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama President of the Republic of Botswana on 14th September 2010.

During the ceremony, High Commissioner Nourrice signed the visitor’s book and proceeded to discuss issues relating to regional co-operation and re enforcing bilateral relations between Seychelles and Botswana.

“Seychelles and Botswana share many common interests, be it peace and security at the regional and continental level or the shared vision of both of our countries to continue to have a people centred development agenda in spite of the enormous global challenges,” said High Commissioner Nourrice.

Maritime piracy was also a pertinent point of discussion with the President of Botswana H.E. Seretse Khama who was well informed on impact of the scourge and the threats that it posed to the security of the region. President Khama commended Seychelles in its quest to fight piracy and also for raising awareness as to the gravity of this phenomenon at the regional and continental level.

The newly accredited High Commissioner pointed out that the emerging benefits of our economic reform programme were being undermined by unforeseen expenditures in the fight against piracy.

The new High Commissioner also invited the Republic of Botswana to the 2011 edition of the Seychelles Carnival for which it was confirmed that a group from Botswana will be participating.

At the more technical level discussions there were exchanges on the status of middle income countries, the group category shared by both Botswana and Seychelles and the need to join efforts to continue making the case on the merit of our status for development financing, and to thereafter defend it especially in light of new merging problems regionally or globally.

Finally there was a strong desire expressed on both sides on the need to not only strengthen the existing bilateral cooperation but to also explore new areas which would be beneficial to our two countries.

High Commissioner Nourrice is the third nonresident Diplomat to be accredited to the Republic of Botswana.