Press release

Seychelles Honoured with ‘African Development Excellence Award’ in New York

September 26, 2013

President James Michel has been conferred with the ‘African Development Excellence Award’ during the African Investment and Development Awards Ceremony held in New York to coincide with the holding of the United Nations General Assembly.

The award, presented yesterday evening, was collected by Vice President Danny Faure on behalf of President Michel and the people of Seychelles.

The Award was presented by Dr. Ken Giami, the CEO of African Leadership Magazine and founder of the Centre for economic and Leadership Development, an NGO with consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

President Michel conveyed the following message through the Vice President on the occasion of the ceremony:

“I am deeply honored to receive the African Development Excellence award. I accept it on behalf of the people of Seychelles and I dedicate it to them. I consider the con ferment of this prestigious award as recognition of our achievements as one of the best governed countries in Africa, stemming from the hard work and commitment we have put in a human centered approach to development.”

In his keynote remarks on the occasion of the ceremony, the Vice President shared some of Seychelles experiences in terms of development, and economic reforms that helped transform the Seychelles economy in 2008.  He also highlighted Seychelles confidence in the power of intra-African investment as a driver of development.  He noted the positive trends in terms of African tourism and stated that Seychelles is committed towards enhancing Africa’s potential in terms of tourism development through the African Union.

In terms of future perspectives, the Vice President stressed that sustainable development must be embraced as an opportunity for African nations.  He cited renewable energy and the potential of the blue economy as being catalysts for the development of Seychelles, as well as the wider region.

The Vice President also stated that while Seychelles was a small state, it had shown that it could make a big contribution, and was thus also positioning itself for a bid for a non-permanent seat of the UN Security Council for the year 2017- 2018:

“While we are a small nation- we believe that all voices count.  Our experiences in establishing viable maritime security provides a template for wider international cooperation in stabilizing our region and we look forward to strengthening our contribution through this bid.”

The Vice President said that Seychelles small size could be a source of strength rather than weakness, and that Seychelles was determined to ensure this was the case.

“We are the smallest nation in Africa, but we are determined to ensure that our small size is not a weakness but a strength.  Our flexibility, our unity of purpose, and our development of a harmonious and united society have given us tools that have allowed us to continue to progress, and ensure that we sustain the political will for often difficult governance decisions.”