Press release

Seychelles hosts third Session of the Seychelles-Cyprus Intergovernmental Commission

March 12, 2014

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted the third Session of the Seychelles-Cyprus Intergovernmental Commission on Economic, Scientific, Technical and Industrial Cooperation on Tuesday 11th March 2014.

The Intergovernmental Commission was established in 1998 following the conclusion of an agreement on Long-Term Economic, Scientific, Technical and Industrial Cooperation which foresaw the establishment of a permanent Intergovernmental Commission between the two countries. The Commission in principal, meets every two years with the last having taken place in September 2011, in Nicosia, Cyprus.

During the signing of the Protocol (agreed minutes and outcome of deliberations), the Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, who also chaired the Commission, pointed out that the cross-sector consultations which took place throughout the morning, yielded positive results and established discourse on new areas of cooperation to be explored between the two countries over the next years. Areas discussed range from Finance, Trade and Investment to Tourism and Culture. Disaster Risk Management was also included in the agenda for the first time since the establishment of the Commission.

The Cypriot delegation was headed by Mr. George Georghiou, Permanent Secretary of the Directorate General for European Programmes, Coordination and Development, who also echoed the positive comments of his counterpart, while emphasising the value both countries attach to the potentials for exchange of experience, information and best practices in all domains presented.

In the past, Seychelles has benefitted from Cypriot assistance namely, through training opportunities in the field of Forestry and Business Administration.

The Commission itself presents sectors from both countries with the opportunity to discuss possible synergies which can be developed, in the spirit of historical friendship and mutual understanding. The realisation of the proposed projects now depends on the sector to sector collaboration which has been facilitated through the Commission.

Seychelles and Cyprus officially established diplomatic relations in 1976, but this only formalised a friendship born from historical ties, following the exile of Archbishop Makarios III to Seychelles, who became first President of the Republic of Cyprus, in the late 1950s.