Press release

Seychelles in Solidarity with the US following School Shooting

December 15, 2012

President James Michel has extended his heartfelt condolences to President Barack Obama and the American people following the tragic deaths of so many school children and their teachers in what he described as “a senseless attack against the innocent”.

In a letter that was sent in the aftermath of the devastating shooting that occurred in United States on Friday 15th December, President Michel expressed the support of the Seychellois people and Government during their time of national mourning:

“This attack is abhorrent to us all, and we join the American people to express our solidarity at this moment of unimaginable grief. The values of family, and the rights of all children to have an upbringing free of violence, are ones which know no frontiers, and we join together to pray for all the victims and their families.”

President Michel concluded by reiterating the Seychellois nations deepest sympathies to the families of all those affected by the tragedy.