Press release

Seychelles’ Independence Day celebrations in San Francisco

July 21, 2023

As part of a set of diplomatic outreach and diaspora engagement activities organised by the Honorary Consulate of Seychelles in California, Ambassador Ian Madeleine delivered a statement at a reception organised to celebrate the 47th anniversary of Seychelles’ Independence, at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, on 30th June 2023.

“The Twenty-ninth of June 1976 will forever be a defining moment in our history. From that day onward, Seychelles became more than just a group of islands with pristine beaches and the unique beauty it is so famous for. On that day, the world witnessed the birth of a new nation, taking ownership of its destiny and laying its first step towards self-determination”, remarked Ambassador Madeleine

The Ambassador affirmed that Seychelles is a democratic country that places its citizens at the heart of its development and looks to pursue its sustainable development goals by promoting peace and stability, good governance, socio-economic transformation and nature-based solutions.

While noting the progress Seychelles has made, he observed that global challenges such as Climate Change, international health emergencies, global financial risks and geopolitical tensions accentuate the vulnerabilities of Small Island Developing States like Seychelles and that finding solutions require cooperation and solidarity amongst nations.

“At home or abroad, our country looks to its people, the custodians of its culture and values, to bring its aspirations to bear and promote its wellbeing.”

In addressing the Seychellois diaspora in attendance, he informed that the government is developing its Diaspora engagement programme to facilitate their engagement with Seychelles and urged them to stay connected to the Diplomatic Mission and consulates of Seychelles.

The event was attended by Seychellois nationals, members of San Francisco’s Consular Corps, representatives of the State Department, and members of local government, including the Mayor of Fairfax, the town where the Honorary Consulate of Seychelles in California is located.

On the 29th of June, Ambassador Madeleine attended several events, which included meetings with the staff of Senator Dianne Feinstein as well as with the Chief of Staff to Speaker Emeritus Rep. Nancy Pelosi, where issues of mutual interest were discussed including Seychelles advocacy of the Multidimensional Vulnerability Index (MVI), security in the Indian Ocean region and Climate Change.

He also participated in a ceremony marked by raising the Seychelles flag above San Francisco City Hall, followed by a reception hosted by the mayor’s office. That same evening, Ambassador Madeleine was hosted to a dinner by Shane Hensinger, the Honorary Consul of Seychelles in California also present were the Consul-Generals of Israel, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland, the Honorary Consuls of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, representatives of the US State Department, members of the biotech and venture capital (VC) community of Silicon Valley.

During his first visit to the West Coast, Ambassador Ian Madeleine was accompanied by Seychelles Honorary Consul in California, Shane Hensinger and Seychelles Honorary Consul Arizona/Texas, Beth Willis, throughout all of the events.