Press release

Seychelles Insists Piracy must remain High on the international Agenda

October 18, 2013

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jean Paul Adam, and Minister for Home Affairs, Joël Morgan met with the Minister for Defence of the Kingdom of Denmark, at ‘Maison Queau de Quincy were they reiterated that operations to counter piracy must remain high on the international agenda. Furthermore, Seychelles called on its partners not to lose sight of the gains made in combatting maritime piracy and that political will must remain constant in order to ensure that piracy does not gain renewed impetus.

In relation to recent successes in capturing pirate organisers, Minister Adam stated that “the incarceration of Afweyne is great achievement and a positive step in dismembering Somali piracy, bringing greater stability to Somalia and the region. However, we must intensify our efforts to maintain the positive strides achieved thus far and ensure that counter-piracy measures remain a top priority for the international community.”

The Government of Seychelles and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has maintained a position of no impunity for Somali pirates and maritime piracy.

More than most, we have felt its adverse effects, which damaged not only our tourism-based economy and livelihoods but more importantly every Seychellois felt the human cost that piracy could incur.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been instrumental in laying the diplomatic foundation for mutual assistance in the matter- particularly with the Kingdom of Belgium, who have been unwavering in their support of our cause. This is further consolidated through strong partnerships across the EU, NATO and Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) in the Indian Ocean.  Furthermore, this Ministry urged the international community not to grant immunity to pirates and ensure that the integrity of international law relating to piracy be upheld.

Seychelles has prosecuted and incarcerated countless Somali pirates and exchanged information with international partners with the aim of capturing the main financiers of this criminal organisation.

The arrest of the Mohamed Abdi Hassan (Afweyne)is acknowledgment of our efforts and the partnerships we have fostered in bringing him and other like him to justice.