Press release


November 23, 2011

President James Michel has appointed the members of the Seychelles Investment Board, as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the Board, in accordance with Sections 18 (1) and 18(2) of the Seychelles Investment Act, 2010.

President Michel has appointed the Seychelles Investment Board, for a period of 3 years, effective from 9th November, 2011.

The full composition of the Board is as follows:

Mr Terrence Mondon – Chairperson

Ms Manuela Desaubin-Stravens – Member

Mr Guy Morel – Member

Mr Jean-Paul D’Offay – Member

Dr Vaithinathasamy Ramadoss – Member

Mr Glenny Savy – Member

Mr Francis Chang-Sam – Member

Mr Alain St Ange – Member

Mr Hughes Adam – Member

Mrs Sherin Renaud – Member / Secretary

Mrs Sherin Renaud has been re-appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the SIB.

The Seychelles Investment Board was formerly known as the Seychelles Investment Bureau. The Seychelles Investment Act , 2010 created the Board.