Press release

Seychelles is upgraded to Tier 2 in US Trafficking-In-Persons Report 2019

June 25, 2019

Seychelles welcomes the recently released United States annual Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP Report) on Seychelles where the country is upgraded from Tier2 Watch List to Tier 2.

This annual report, released by the US Department of State, assesses what governments around the world are doing to combat trafficking.

The TIP Report states that the Government of Seychelles is making significant efforts to meet the standards for the elimination of trafficking hence the upgrade to Tier 2 for the reporting year (2019). It points out progress that Seychelles has made to merit this upgrade: by investigating and prosecuting more cases, convicting its first trafficker under the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons Act of 2014, investigating a senior government official, identifying and providing assistance to more victims and allocating some funds to assist victims.

The Report also mentions some of the challenges that government continues to address in its efforts to keep improving its record on such crimes. This includes the provision of comprehensive shelters or care facilities available for trafficking victims, adequate anti-trafficking training for government personnel and the adoption of a National Action Plan (NAP) to address trafficking.

The Report was well received by Vice President Meriton who reiterated that “Given the indiscriminate and impermeable nature of this crime, coupled with the significant human and financial resource constraints faced by a Small Island Developing State such as Seychelles, challenges nonetheless remain. Seychelles is determined to identify and overcome gaps in its strategy towards trafficking in persons, which includes putting in place appropriate short and long term strategies for the empowerment, rehabilitation, reintegration and social inclusion of victims of trafficking in persons”.

VP Meriton also added that Seychelles will continue its fight against such crimes and that we share the US Secretary of States’ message that “we send the strongest message possible to traffickers that we will not tolerate their despicable and criminal acts”.